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A must-do for all teams.".
The skills you learn at the poker tablestrategy, bluffing, risk evaluation and maintaining that good old poker facemake you a better executive.Angela Hwang, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals "Knowing poker is a necessity to stay competitive professionally.It was the best team building we have done.Jobs, hot news by Plazoo, sorry.Jane Bryant Quinn, Author of Making the Most of Your Money Now.Learn from them and realize that the more mistakes you make, the more chances you have to get better.".Online hyphenation for texts and html pages.Read What Is Happening Now.Gay Gaddis, Founder and CEO T3 advertising and media "We really wanted to help some of our female attorneys develop leadership skills.For women, the new way to the board room is Texas Hold.Karen Deutsch, Cosmopolitan Magazine "Forget golf!
Who knew learning and playing poker would do just that.
Prospective clients and clients alike consider it to be a creative, entertaining way to deal with the emotions of finance.".
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Courtney Byrne, Associate Corporate Attorney "pokerprimadivas makes it so much fun to learn the game.
It is a great way to get face time with clients.
Denise Carkhuff, Partner, jones DAY "Poker Divas has become an indispensable tool for our business.
It is all about reviews, opinions, events, companies, or maybe you.Similar to golf, it allows women to be at the table with potential clients that were previously off limits.".It engaged everyone regardless of their skill level.Copa America, euro 2016, real Estate, opinion.And did I mention that youre having fun, too?".Plazoo is not a conventional search engine, plazoo shows you what the whole world is thinking right now.Hot Searches, referendum, brexit, trump, clinton, transfer News.This is something I can do on a regular basis to get great face-to-face time with my clients."."This is something I would do again and again.The online hyphenation tool.Alexandra Lebenthal "In poker and life I dont dwell on my mistakes.Its fun and competitive.PokerDivas creates dynamic client entertainment and team-building programs that will transform relationships and teach you to play to win.