Earlier that night, armed with knowledge of what happened, WCW announcer Tony Schiavone, who was acting on orders from Eric Bischoff, gave away the result of the match before it aired: "Fans, as Hollywood Hogan walks away and you look at this 40,000 plus.
The surprise was Hall, who had been a part of nWo Hollywood for most of the last seven months and who entered wearing a Wolfpac T-shirt.
6 Contents The match was directly related to a controversial main event that occurred at Starrcade in December 1998, during which Kevin Nash pinned Goldberg to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.
The Finger Poke of Doom is a reference to an infamous moment in WCW wrestling history, when the New World Order was the dominant force in the company.Tony Schiavone gave away the results of their."Hulk Hogan's fifth WCW Championship reign".Although this revelation lotto e 10 5 minuti was meant to deter Nitro viewers from switching to Raw Is War, it instead reportedly prompted 600,000 viewers to change channels in order to see Foley's victory, with most viewers only tuning back in to Nitro when there were play slot machines online for free with bonus five minutes left.The final ratings for the night were.7 for Raw Is War and.0 for Nitro.
Fans had been burned one time too many by WCW and the nWo.
However, to signify the reunion with the Wolfpac, Hogan used red spray paint.
6 In The Death of WCW, Reynolds and Alvarez expand on this link, stating that the January 4 incident "more than any other, started the ball rolling towards the company's inevitable doom".
In it, Bischoff claimed that singling out the Fingerpoke as the reason WCW went under to be an over-simplification.And with one finger poke by Hogan, Nash fell like he was struck by a cannon and Hogan inned him for the win and the title, reuniting the NWO and as many people speculate, save for the ones involved, the beginning of the end for.A b Fritz, Brian; Christopher Murray (2006).Credit: ( see original file ).On the August 31, 2009 episode of Raw, Dusty Rhodes, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H were shown watching and discussing footage of the HoganNash match backstage.Wolfpac member Lex Luger followed him, appearing to assist him, but instead jumped Goldberg from behind and showed he was also part of the reunited nWo.The following evening, Nash professed dissatisfaction with Hall's interference, and offered Goldberg a rematch for the following episode of Nitro in Atlanta.3 As Hogan had done before each time he had won the title since August 1996, he spray-painted the belt's faceplate with "nWo".Hogan came out to the ring accompanied by Scott Steiner, who had taken over the leadership role in nWo Hollywood.Nitro, the flagship show of, world Championship Wrestling (WCW).WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling.The incident occurred during the main event.The Wolfpac faction were babyfaces (heroes while the Hollywood faction were heels (villains as was the original nWo.

A loud "We want Sting!" chant erupted from the fans in the Georgia Dome, hoping that Sting would come to rescue Goldberg and even things up for WCW.
Mick Foley (as Mankind) was set to win the WWF Championship.