Swiss Lottery and these in turn are governed by the cantonal laws and federal regulations that apply to each of the separate cantons that they represent.
Any quantity of up to 1,000 CHF that you have won on the SwissLoto will be paid directly into your players' account which you can then transfer to your own bank or post office account within 26 weeks.The extra activation of the Joker costs 2 CHF.The aim is for the Joker number printed on your ticket to match as many of the last digits of the Joker number drawn as possible you will even win by successfully matching just the final 2 digits.In 2010 the Swiss Lotto made quoten lotto samstag 4 11 17 history by producing the highest number of winners in one calendar year.This applies to players in both French speaking Switzerland with Loterie Romande and also players in German speaking Switzerland with SwissLos.If you win anything above 1,000 CHF you will be paid directly into your bank or post office account after the deduction of taxes.If you win more than 1,000 CHF you shall receive payment straight to your post office or bank account after tax deductions.Various approved online platforms for lottery agents give international players access to Swiss Lotto tickets.In 1970 the Swiss Lotto launched with a Saturday evening lottery game.Initially, Swiss Lotto draws were held only once a week on Saturday until on it started using the bi-weekly format with the draws held on Saturday and Wednesday.Swiss Lotto held its initial draw in 1970.For a prize on the 7th level you have winning odds of 1 in 220 for successfully selecting 3 of the main numbers plus the Lucky Number with the 8th and final prize level offering odds of 1 in 44 for matching just.Results are aired on live television twice each week.
The first draw of SwissLotto was held on by Swiss Loss and Loterie Romande using a relatively small matrix of 6/40.
The lottery's 2nd largest jackpot.8 mln francs was delivered on The lottery winning numbers then were 31, 34, 16, 20, 41, 43 and 1 for the bonus number.
It is similar to the so-called Quick Pick option applied in most American lotto games or the Lucky Dip feature used in UK National Lottery and EuroMillions.
When purchasing tickets, you can present your entries for upcoming drawings.With a rollover policy in action this lottery can quickly grow to a mind-blowing lump of cash!Players who match a number of the Joker numbers shall become winners of an extra prize.SwissLotto How it Works The Swiss Lotto uses a double matrix of 6/42 1/6 which means that firstly 6 main winning lottery numbers are drawn from a number range of 1.See the table listing other Switzerland Lotto other prize categories and the corresponding winning combinations and odds.How can I win Swiss Lotto?If you play lottery online however whatever your win these prize claim details will not be any concern for you because your authorised lottery ticket sales company such as TheLotter will take care of this and ensure you are paid promptly and directly.You will need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to purchase a ticket for any of the Switzerland Lotto games including the Swiss Lotto.SwissLotto replay replay is another additional game from the Swiss Lottery that you automatically play for free every time you take part in the main Swiss Lotto draw.