Fill votive candles with green sprinkles to portray the traditional green color on game tables, and serve red champagne punch for an extra pop of color.
See more of this party here Summer-Inspired Invites, help build the excitement for this fun outdoor extravanganza with adorable invitations that carry out the theme.
"My intent was to use the traditional Tiffany's elements, but to add an exaggerated sparkle ALM says.
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Tie gift tags by WH Hostess to miniature maple syrup bottles for a sweet way for guests to remember the brunch.
Victoria of A Subtle Revelry kept this breakfast burrito party simple but enlivened the space with bold and colorful feathers, yarn and paper cups.
They are sorted by category, by number of letters, and alphabetically.
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Simple and Sweet Kelly set the fondue brunch table with wicker charger plates and a wheat centerpiece set atop a bold yellow-and-white plaid tablecloth for a natural, healthy look.
Upcycled Decor, for a budget-friendly, DIY touch, use recycled metal cans to hold silverware and straws.
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For the Fashionista in You You don't need an excuse to get together with the ladies.
Other details, like shells and star fish, are great additions to this beachy theme.