Scarce as a virgin in a cathouse.
A sandwich, particularly one that contains sauce type condiment or other runny ingredient that may spill onto one's clothes, for example egg banjo (fried egg sandwich).E.g."Wear a hat and scarf, it's brass monkeys out there." See 'brass monkey weather'.HGV drivers vernacular bod Noun.E.g."Her baby is constantly bealing, even when it's not hungry." North Lincolnshire use bean Noun.He couldnt pour piss out of a boot with a hole in the toe and the directions on the heel.She has short arms and deep pockets.Quit hollering down the rain.Blue arsed fly Noun.Hes the only hell his mama ever raised.Id box 24 online casino rather watch her walk than eat fried chicken.Also system of down roulette chords biscuit ersed, from Scottish pronunciation.E.g."You can usually buy your freedom; the cops are bent and paid poorly." Early 1900s.
Also occasionally spelt bumbaclat or bumbaclut.
A variation on 'bags' (verb).
Thick as fleas on a farm dog.
E.g."I daren't leave the house, I've got the blatts." blaze Verb.
A person who appears to have no friends.
Tie a quarter to it and throw it away, and you can say you lost something.
Scottish use beaked up Adj.Police/criminal vernacular often heard used jocularly.E.g."I think we need niemieckie wyniki lotto to bump start the project with an ideas session." bum-ting Adj.Black use for addressing a fellow Black.Illustration by Gary Locke Dry So dry the birds are building their nests out of barbed wire.Fast as small-town gossip.