If youve been dying to play the X-men slot game then look no further.
X-Men slots is based on the original and well known Marvel comic figures of the X-Men.
The X-Feature instantly multiplies your reel bet with five and pays.Playing This Game with Real Cash or Free.The interesting gameplay and bonus features will entertain you a lot, when you choose the X-Men slot from Playtech.The last two are the most powerful and therefore also most precious symbols, which can make a scoring range with two fields of course.But the real feature everyone wants to hear about is the free spins.Ideally, higher you bet, higher are your chances of entering a jackpot round.Then the mode will switch to Villain Mode, where lotto 6 aus 49 gewinnermittlung you only get 8 free spins.Only the usage should be initially not too high, because thus you lose credits also.
But if you can get Xavier to come up during those 8 spins youll be transported back into hero mode.
It is not compatible with mobile devices yet.
Playtech, sends you directly to this exciting world, where the mutants have some specifics on the box.When you play the X-men slot game online then you can expect some of the best graphics, because Playtech is the developer behind.Professor Xavier and his team of mutant heroes are at your disposal, day or night.The villains youll be facing are Magneto, Mystique, Sabertooth and Juggernaught.The Marvel Heroes Progressive Jackpot, in addition to the action packed adventures of the X-Men Slots spinning reels there is also a 3 level progressive jackpot which can be won which is part of the greater Marvel Slots games and is linked to all.You will certainly fall in love with the slots game play.It happen so far, to the very famous characters such as Wolverine and mystique or even magneto and Charles Xavier.The Bonus Battle Game of X-Men Slots.The Scatter Bonus gets triggered when you hit two or more X-Men logos on the payline.And just like the "X-men also the slot machine has a few special abilities, which are reflected in bonus features.The X-Feature is triggered by any 5 super hero characters in X format in the centre lotterie für cafe pension bonus länger arbeiten reels, which immediately gives you a cool 5x payout of your total bet.

The first mode is called Hero Mode, and here you get unlimited free spins until Magneto makes an appearance.