The department representative clarified that the investigators have arrested 25 gambling machines and cctv records from the illegal gaming parlor.
Currently, we are establishing the identities of the orchestrators of the illicit business and of the building owner in order to hold them accountable in accordance with the current legislation, the press center representative said.
A slot machine parlor located on the inner area of a trade center in Penza city center was shut down by the economic security and corruption prevention officers from city department of Ministry of the Interior.
During a series of investigative actions the police officers managed to enter the club: five visitors, and also the operating personnel were inside, wann wird lotto gezogen mittwoch told Press Center of Penza region department for Ministry of Internal to agency PenzaNews.The entrance to the illegal establishment was guarded by cctv cameras, and only the frequent visitors knew of its location.List of words used in this word search: injure, shock, rules, hook.Civilization V: Campaign Edition.Stand O Food 3 Free.Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.Over.5 tons of sanctioned fruit destroyed in Penza region in 2016."Holiday 2017: The Most Anticipated Video Games".
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