sequentia hildegard von bingen edition

475r) 2:46 1-3, o Mirum Admirandum (Antiphon.
474v) 6:33 2-6, o Pater Omnium Symphonia Viduarum" To The Holy Widows, Fol.477) 7:43 2-4, spiritui Sancto (Responsory.This monumental recording project, casino hammer hand scene which began in Cologne in 1982 (with WDR Köln and Deutsche Harmonia Mundi) culminated in the final recording released by Sony in 2013.470) / Domine Est Terra (Psalm 24) 7:52 1-4, instrumental Piece 7:27 1-5, o Viriditas Digiti Dei (Responsory.One of the singers on this final recording had been a member of Barbara Thorntons ensemble, while some others were not yet born when the first recording was made in 1982.Mens voices: Benjamin Bagby (director John Fleagle, Stephen Grant, Paul Guttry, Peter Halpern, William Hite, Frank Kelley, Wolfgang Kläsener, Stefan Klöckner, Klaus Lohmann, Eric Mentzel, Mark McSweeney, Peter Schmitz, Bernhard Schneider, Bernhard Schüth, Burkhard Wiggeshoff.Other Versions (5 of 7 view All, reviews).In addition to recording, the ensemble toured widely to critical acclaim in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.The Sequentia recordings of Hildegards complete musical works are now contained on 8 releases for the DHM label and include all of Hildegards 77 symphoniae as well as her music drama.In 2009 an anthology, made up of exceptional tracks from six of Sequentias releases on DHM, was released to highlight not only Hildegards melodic and textual genius, but also the striking varieties of mode, structure, color, and scale which define her work.O Ecclesia (Sequence.Credits, choir, sequentia (2 chorus Master, barbara Thornton.Sequentia was among the first vocal ensembles to revive Hildegards music in our time, working closely from the medieval manuscript sources and employing concepts of performance practice which would have been known to the abbess and her Benedictine sisters in the 12th century.466) 3:05 1-2, o Bonifaci (Antiphon.
From the beginning, the entire project was supported generously by the West German Radio in Cologne (producers Alfred Krings and Klaus L Neumann which co-produced most of the recordings on the Deutsche Harmonia Mundi label.
Anyone who has sung her music knows that it counts among the most sublime, virtuosic and demanding vocal repertoires ever created.
Ursula) 6:31 8-12 Instrumental Piece (By Elizabeth Gaver, Based On The D-Modes Of Hildegard) 2:59 8-13 O Virgo Ecclesia (Antiphon To Ecclesia) / Instrumental Piece (By Elizabeth Gaver) 7:48 8-14 Nunc Gaudeant Materna (Antiphon To Ecclesia) 2:26 8-15 O Orzchis Ecclesia (Antiphon To Ecclesia) 3:38.
Tracklist, saints 1 1-1, o Magne Pater (Antiphon To God The Father, Fol.
Over the course of 31 years, almost 60 vocalists and instrumentalists participated in this project.
160v, With Canticum: Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel) 13:45 5-6 O Victoriosissimi Triumphatores (Antiphon To The Martyrs, V Fol.
Musicians featured on Sequentias Hildegard Project recordings Womens voices: Gundula Anders, Rebecca Bain, Lydia Brotherton, Agnethe Christensen, Pamela Dellal, Suzanne Ehly, Jill Feldman, Elizabeth Glen, Ellen Hargis, Maria Jonas, Lydia Heather Knutson, Esther Labourdette, Guillemette Laurens, Theresa Lister, Sabine Lutzenberger, Nancy Mayer, Laurie Monahan, Christine.Ordo Virtutum (recorded twice, with bingo betpoint an interval of 15 years between the two radically different productions).163v) 4:23 5-9 O Gloriosissimi Lux (Antiphon To The Angels, V Fol.Under the general direction of the late Barbara Thornton, and working closely with musicologists and philologists (especially Leo Treitler, Peter Dronke and Barbara Stühlmeyer) many of the worlds foremost vocalists and instrumentalists in historical music performance joined Sequentia to perform and record Hildegards works.Disibod) 4:28 4-3 O Quam Mirabilis (Antiphon To The Creator) 3:12 Ordo Virtutum (Cont.) 4-4 Lament (Instrumental) 2:18 4-5 Scene 3 "Heu, Heu, Nos Virtutes" 13:02 4-6 Scene 4 "Que Es, Aut Unde Venis?" 9:06 4-7 Finale "In Principio Omnes Creature Viruerunt" 4:08 Celestial Hierarchy.Rupert) 10:25 9-2 Quia Felix Puericia (Antiphon.470v) 6:33 1-8, instrumental Piece 6:40 1-9, o Presul Vere Civitatis (Sequence.Ordo Virtutum - almost 12 hours of music.Plagmaker (tracks: CD8 Barbara Gael (tracks: CD7 Barbara Valentin (tracks: CD6 Paul Dery (tracks: CD6) Editor Jeff Baust (tracks: CD1 to CD4) Engineer Barbara Valentin (tracks: 6-1 to 6-3, 6-7 to 6-9, 6-11, 6-12, 6-14 John Newton (tracks: CD1 to CD4 Nicolas Bartholomée (tracks: CD5.Rupert) 5:28 9-3 O Felix Apparicio (Antiphon.476r) 6:58 Ordo Virtutum 1 Ordo Virtutum 3-1 Prologue "Qui Sunt Hi, Qui Ut Nubes?" 2:26 3-2 Processional Of Embodied Souls (Instrumental) 2:28 3-3 Scene 1 "O Nos Peregrine Sumus" 2:23 3-4 Anima Processional (Instrumental) 2:59 3-5 Scene 1 (Cont.) "O Dulcis Divinitas" 2:11 3-6.The sung texts, in the original Latin and with translations into English, French and German, are available as a free PDF on the Sequentia website.Barbara Gödel, ensemble, sequentia (2) (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, lotto ziehung video 11, 14, 16).

De Patria Etiam Earum -.
Sed Diabolus 9:53 8-5 O Ecclesia (Free Sequence.
478v) 4:37 2-7, o Euchari, Columba Virtutem Illius (Responsory.