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What is EZAnalyzer, eZAnalyzer is a new kind of Poker analysis software, made specifically for conducting more effective session reviews.
Finally, export the analysis summary to bing chen golden age html.
Simply narrow ranges either by pot-odds or using balanced unexploitable frequencies.
Moreover, EZAnalyzer provides you with helpful automations and calculations just as they are needed, for instance: Auto assignment of ranges to preflop actions according to your rules, thus saving you time.Read more, news, netflix experimenting with Top 10 lists.The Beta test version supports hand histories converted by PokerTracker 4 or HoldermManager.This is excellent because I can do this range manipulation and analysis very quickly! .In order to demonstrate the power of structured analysis, lets use a simple example: Suppose we how to remove bing from your computer want to range a flop cbet call.Thirdly, we would take a screenshot of the Range and paste it in a document.View the hand details and replay the hand.To begin with, you just click on the flop cbet call action and the Range Editor will open.
Assign ranges to actions.
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Then, using a Range Editor we would add combos to defend until we reach that number.It is a good tool to show you how high up in your range you are on certain flop textures, potentially helping to stop over-folding or over-calling.Afterwards, you can adjust the percentage or specific combos, and write your notes, all inside the editor.In the past, we would manually calculate the number of combos to defend.Save the analysis so you can refine it later.Import the hand into EZAnalyzer with one click.Auto assignment of ranges to postflop defense actions.EZAnalyzer, correct hand analysis process might be difficult and slow.Continue reading PokerBotProgrammer On reddit, pokerBotProgrammer On reddit I think you have the only product on the market for doing this type of analysis. .