pokemon ultra mond vorbesteller bonus

Sonic Lost World had several from different retailers, usually small things like an Omochao RC gadget for use in multiplayer, but the most infamous is Amazon's: a code for 25 extra lives.
Prior to the game's release, fans speculated the weapons were exclusively for those who preordered the game.
New Vegas might count as an unintentional subversion.Three words: Ni no Kuni.Wähle Geschenk empfangen aus.The 3DS version of Ocarina of Time had a limited edition soundtrack available if you registered the game within two days of its release.Tier 3, if reached, means that everyone who pre-orders the game gets Civ 5 for free.In a more conventional use of this Trope, pre-ordering the game from various outlets got you various extra powers to use in-game.
Taken Up to Eleven with Final Fantasy XV : if you want all of the pre-order bonuses (there's 16 of them you'll need to pre-order several copies of the gamedirectly from Square Enix, from Amazon, from the PSN and Xbox stores, and even from GameStop.
The Collector's Edition, which had Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, the orignal Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, a 15 minute retrospective of the series, and a demo for The Wind Waker.
Another great pre-order bonus came when The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures came out.U, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, or Wii Party.Ten produkt obecnie nie znajduje się w żadnych zestawach.The Soulless Army got a Plushie of the main character (Raidou Kuzunoha) and other bonus stuff.The game was included, already unlocked, on the preorder exclusive bonus disc.As it turned out, the weapons are available late-game as they are sold by Chancellor Wellager in Drangleic Castle.In den Spielen hatte es sie zuvor nicht gegeben.In the US, Tales of Symphonia game with an artbook and (for merkur spiele echtgeld some people) a wall scroll.Chrono Trigger DS, for some locales, gave out a CD with the main theme and a melody of some music in the game.M has been getting into this for the past couple of years.Informacje: Pomoc: Polecamy: Konto: Logowanie, e-mail: Hasło: Nie pamiętam hasła Szybka rejestracja Podaj swój adres e-mail - wyślemy Ci natychmiast wiadomość z linkiem jogijo kartenspiel aktywującym Twoje nowe konto.Pre-orders for Persona 3 at Amazon included an artbook.Catalog for a while.Due to the game's rushed state on release, most of the Pre-Order items were poorly programmed and had a number of problems (for example, the weapons were almost entirely left off the lists for Perks, meaning that Demolition Expert increases the damage of all Explosives.