What it means : I dont understand a thing about what that person is saying.
What it means : It means to pull yourself together.
Me: Do you know the lyrics to this song?Other languages this idiom exists in : Our translators tell us pokemon go pokestops that in Croatian, theres also a connection made between elephants and musical ability in the phrase, poker royal flush youtube You sing like an elephant farted in your ear (Pjeva kao da ti je slon prdnuo u uho.).Kopi-kah-dai Malay/Foochow Coffee with more sugar.He: I like music maam.Sometimes used as a substitute for the "already" used in Singlish, especially by Chinese-speaking people.Teh-Peng (Hokkien) Iced milk tea sweetened with condensed milk.50 From Malay "tinggal".15 Boh Beh Zao Hokkien Hokkien or Teochew pronunciation of " (bô bé cháu) Literally "no horse run" from horse racing jargon.Berak Malay To defecate.Ai Tzai Hokkien Used in a reassuring manner to calm people down.Ku Ku Jiao Singlish Crude term.Lagi Malay Means to want more of something Leh Singlish Written.Dynamics of a contact continuum: Singapore English.Wong, Jock (2006) 'Contextualizing aunty in Singaporean English World Englishes, 25 (3/4 451-466.
Me: Do you know this language too?
Usually used in drinking for "bottoms up".
K edit Term Origin Definition Kae Ang Moh Hokkien Hokkien or Teochew pronunciation of ".
Use of "open" to mean "turn on" is limited to electric appliances.) pass up to hand in "Pass up your homework".
Used to describe the lowest and most unsightly caste (gravediggers and sewerage in Ancient India).
Hosei Liao Hokkien The phrase means "Very Good" or "Excellent" and carries the positive connotation of respite.Terbalik/Tembalik Malay Also pronounced "dom-ba-lek".36 37 Photostat English Photocopy.7 In 1997 the second edition of the Times-Chambers Essential English Dictionary 8 was published.But all of it was in pure Haryanvi (a dialect native to the Haryana region in India).