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Head south from where you entered the room then head down the path through the door.
The dice game room is located.
Open the opposite side of the door at L using the terminal next.Head down the hall at the end of the hall and you will face another sub-boss.Head to the main floor and use the elevator that Sae used previously.Move to the lower floor after entering the room.Examine the device.First Phase: Initial Infiltration, entrance, go up the stairs and head to the main floor.Table of Contents, niijima Palace Overview, start: Saturday, October 30, deadline: Sunday, November.Finish the betting race, go to the battle arena, boss battle.
Crawl through the vent inside the room then defeat the Ganesha in the next room.
Want to ask why?
Head back to F after going to the terminals.
Look for the red and green control board.
Go to H and enter the House of Darkness.Once you get 50,000 coins, go back to the dealer at the lobby and buy the High Limit Card.Go straight ahead and you will be blocked buy a door.Once you defeat the boss, you will automatically be transported to the elevator to reach the High Limit Floor.Speak to the dealer at the lobby and you will be given 1,000 playing coins as well as tips on how to get to the Managers Floor.This article contains THE walkthrough FOR nijima palace.On the counter in front of the elevator, you will receive 1000 playing chips.A safe room is in the bottom part of the map.Go to the slot room and you will be able to see the terminal on the wall to the south.