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1936 - Joseph.
Place Criminal First woman executed by electric chair.
Perrelli Attorney US Associate Attorney General 12-Mar-1966 - Pauley Perrette Actor Abby the lab tech on Navy ncis 27-Mar-1969 - Christina Perri Singer/Songwriter Jar of Hearts 19-Aug-1986 - Tom Perriello Politician Congressman from Virginia, Oct-1974 - Charles.
1941 - Lori Petty Actor Tank Girl 14-Oct-1963 - Richard Petty Auto Racing Seven-time nascar Champion 02-Jul-1937 - Tom Petty Musician Don't Come Around Here No More 20-Oct-1950 - Alex Pettyfer Actor Stormbreaker 10-Apr-1990 - Tom Petway Business Zurich Insurance Services, Inc.1937 - Dana Priest Journalist Washington Post Pentagon reporter.BC Slim Jim Phantom Drummer Drummer for lotto schulung kassel The Stray Cats 20-Mar-1961 - Pharnabazus Military Persian soldier, fought Sparta.1946 - Seymour Papert Computer Programmer Programming language logo 01-Mar-1928 - Papias Religion Early Church Father.Purcell Business Grenadier Associates, Ltd.Pershing Military General of the Armies of the United States 13-Sep-1860 15-Jul-1948 Persius Author Satires 34 AD 62 AD Nehemiah Persoff Actor The Harder They Fall 02-Aug-1919 - Wilton.Pearson Business Hy-Vee Drugstore 1940 -.429 BC François Périer Actor Nights of Cabiria 10-Nov-1919 29-Jun-2002 Bonaventure des Périers Poet Nouvelles récréations Dana Perino Government White House Press Secretary, May-1972 - Perizonius Scholar Animadversiones Historicae 26-Oct-1651 06-Apr-1715 William Henry Perkin Chemist Invented mauve 12-Mar-1838 14-Jul-1907 Anthony Perkins Actor Psycho 04-Apr-1932 12-Sep-1992.1949 - Frank Perdue Business A Tough Man for a Tender Chicken 09-May-1920 31-Mar-2005 Sonny Perdue Politician Governor of Georgia, Dec-1946 - Georges Perec Novelist La Vie: mode d'emploi 07-Mar-1936 03-Mar-1982 José María de Pereda Novelist Sotileza 06-Feb-1833 01-Mar-1906 Missy Peregrym Actor Candice Wilmer.16-Sep-1226 Leon Panetta Government US Secretary of Defense 28-Jun-1938 - Hayden Panettiere Actor Indestructable cheerleader on Heroes 21-Aug-1989 - Franklin Pangborn Actor Character actor, 1920s to 1950s 23-Jan-1888 20-Jul-1958 Robert.1314 15-Aug-1369 Philippe I Royalty King of France May-1052 29-Jul-1108 Philippe II Royalty King of France, Aug-1165 14-Jul-1223 Philippe II, duc d'Orléans Royalty Regent of France, Aug-1674 02-Dec-1723 Philippe III Royalty King of France Apr-1245 05-Oct-1285 Philippe IV Royalty King of France, Nov-1314 Philippe.Stephen Purdom Business Retired EVP at Aflac.1950 - Tera Patrick Pornstar Nuttin' Hunnies 25-Jul-1976 - Thomas.1957 - Antonio.
Pritchard Journalist Editor of USA Today, 1986-94.
Plumeri Business CEO of Willis Group Holdings.
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Polybius Historian Histories.
1951 - Iggy Pop Singer/Songwriter Iggy and the Stooges 21-Apr-1947 - Jimmy Pop Singer The Bloodhound Gang 27-Aug-1972 - Faith Popcorn Pundit The Popcorn Report.
Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals 26-Apr-1962 - Ptolemy Astronomer Egyptian geographer and astronomer.
Ross Perot Business Eccentric presidential candidate 27-Jun-1930 - Rudy Perpich Politician Twice Governor of Minnesota 27-Jun-1928 21-Sep-1995 Charles Perrault Author Tales of Mother Goose 12-Jan-1628 16-May-1703 Gigi Perreau Actor Has Anybody Seen My Gal 06-Feb-1941 - Gil Perreault Hockey Buffalo Sabres, NHL Hall of Famer.1961 - Plautus Playwright Earliest extant Roman playwright.Perkovich Author India's Nuclear Bomb.1970 - Laci Peterson Victim Pregnant mother's body found in bay 04-May-1975 23-Dec-2002 Maggie Peterson Actor Charlene Darling on Andy Griffith 10-Jan-1941 - Marissa.1939 - Gerhard.Pierce Diplomat US Ambassador to Cape Verde?Business CEO of Massey Energy.Boone Pickens Business Texas oilman, founded Mesa Petroleum 22-May-1928 - Chip Pickering Politician Congressman from Mississippi, Aug-1963 - Edward Charles Pickering Astronomer Photometer inventor and surveyor 19-Jul-1846 03-Feb-1919 Thomas Pickering Diplomat Career US Ambassador 05-Nov-1931 - Timothy Pickering Politician US Secretary of State, Jul-1745 29-Jan-1829.Palmer Doctor Founder of chiropractic medicine 07-Mar-1845 20-Oct-1913 David Palmer Musician Transsexual keyboardist, Jethro Tull 02-Jul-1937 - Del Palmer Musician Engineer and bassist for Kate Bush 03-Nov-1952 - Geoffrey Palmer Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, Apr-1942 - Geoffrey Palmer Actor Lionel Hardcastle.1943 - James Plaskitt Politician British MP, Warwick and Leamington 23-Jun-1954 - Gilbert Plass Physicist Climate change scientist 22-Mar-1922 01-Mar-2004 Sylvia Plath Poet Daddy 27-Oct-1932 11-Feb-1963 Michel Platini Soccer Exceptional French midfielder 21-Jun-1955 - Plato Philosopher The Republic.Parker Business GOP activist.1720 20-Apr-1769 Chris Pontius Skateboarder Skateboarder, Jackass, Wildboyz 16-Jul-1974 - Henrik Pontoppidan Author Lucky Peter 24-Jul-1857 21-Aug-1943 Pontormo Painter Florentine Mannerist painter 24-May-1494 Dec-1556 Jean-Luc Ponty Jazz Musician Electric jazz violinist 29-Sep-1942 - Charles Ponzi Criminal Get-rich-quick schemes 03-Mar-1882 18-Jun-1949 Chuck Poochigian Politician California State.After the masks come off, a packed schedule of demonstrations and activities throughout the week will take families further inside the exciting world of the Zoo: explaining everything the ZSL team does to keep its 18,000 residents in tip-top condition?

1960 - Edward.
BC Emmanuel Philibert Royalty Duke of Savoy 08-Jul-1528 30-Aug-1580.