They need to stop ignoring a large portion of Pokemon fans.
1 Answer 0 votes, best answer, you are correct, it's not a programming issue.
For now, unless Niantic reverses their stance mentioned at Comic-Con over the weekend, it seems that those unable to regularly visit Poke Stops probably wont be able to get much mileage out.Rustling green leaves signify areas where Pokemon are likely to appear.But many gamers have complained that their nearest Poke Stop is many miles away, meaning when they run out of Poke Balls and cant level up, they are essentially out of luck unless they want to spend real money at the games shop.A source I found.This could perhaps be one of the reasons the game has seen declining popularity over the past week, losing millions of daily active users since July 14th.This nonchalant attitude towards an objectively subpar experience that we get is just icing on the cake.So, the logic is that because Ingress had less of a rural following, when GO adopted its locations it suffered the same way.The only other solution is, gPS spoofing, a trick where you can make your phone believe that you are in another location.I'm pretty sure having people go out of town just to play a game won't make the game more popular.
Ingress locations are population-based, and there are more Ingressmahobbits (I don't play Ingress so I don't know any of the real terms) portals, they're called portals in urban areas than out in the boondocks.
Asked, jul 30, 2016 by sumwun, living in the middle of nowhere sucks, I know.
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Pokémon GO will use real location information to encourage players to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokémon.
That is in part due to how difficult it becomes to obtain items after a while.
One possible workaround is, incense items.But in real life, pigeons are found in every continent except the ISS.From what I've read Niantic doesn't do the whole feedback thing very well.At the games recent Comic-Con panel, the issue was raised to CEO John Hanke that some players find there are very few Poke Stops or gyms in their area.Ive been saying this for a while now: the game is just not made for those of us in rural areas, one Reddit user wrote.Pokemon Go players who live in rural areas are finding it increasingly difficult to play the game, and its not clear that this problem will be going away anytime soon.In actuality, it is very difficult to play the game regularly outside of large cities or towns.Previously, Niantic created a very similar game to Pokémon life and brain casino speiseplan GO called Ingress.If you're anywhere near a college, go there.Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android devices!