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And lastly, visit Kafei and Anju in the Stock Pot Inn during the last hours of the Final Day.
This quest line gains you access to the telescope in the Observatory, through which you will able to nab the Moon's Tear - the first object in the Business Scrub Scramble quest. .
And lastly, head back to the Clock Town and give the Mystery Milk to Gorman within 2 minutes.In upper West Clock Town.The Bomb Business, you need to stop the thief from mugging the old woman from the Bomb Shop in the North Clock Town.You need to ride Epona and defeat the Gorman Brothers in a race around the Gorman Track.There is a Deku Flower located outside to the left near the entrance to South Clock Town.
Once youve learnt the song, you need to play it with Japas in the dressing room.
In order to complete this Bombers Notebook Event, you need to finish at the first place at the Goron Racetrack.
The Suspicious Ocean House You need to collect all 30 Golden Skulltula Spirits from the Oceanside Spider House in the Great Bay Coast in a single day and acquire the Giant Wallet.
You can trade this Moon's Tear to the Deku Shrub in South Clock Town to access the Piece of Heart on the Clock Tower, and also to be able to reach the steps when the Clock Tower opens.
Win Big at the Doggy Race You need to win at least 150 Rupees or more at the Doggy Racetrack in Romani Ranch.
You need to acquire the Pendant of Memories from Kafei and get it to Anju.
In the 3DS version, you won't need to remember it after you turn back time.He will be hiding near the bell.Let me know in the discussion box below!Music Moves the Heart, during the Night of the First Day, put on Romani Mask and enter the Latte Milk Bar followed by completing a sound check for Toto.Swamp Shooting Champ You need to hit every monster in the Swamp top live dealer casinos online Shooting Gallery near the Southern Swamp and score 2,180 or more points at the Swamp Shooting Gallery.Hiding behind the slide platform.A Dance with Meaning, at the midnight of the First Day, find Komaros Ghost in the north of the Clock Town and play the Song of Healing.The Terrifying Swamp House You need to collect all 30 Golden Skulltula Spirits from the Swamp Spider House in the Southern Swamp in a single day followed by acquiring the Mask of Truth.A Gorons Grief As Goron Link, you need to play the Goron Lullaby for the son of Goron Elder at the Goron Shrine.Reunite the Frog Choir You need to put on the Don Gero Mask and speak with the little frog at following locations: Clock Town Laundry Pool Woodfall Temple after defeating the Gekko Southeast Southern Swamp after defeating Woodfall Temple Boss Great Bay Temple after defeating.After this, trade the Town Title Deed for the Swamp Title Deed from the Business Scrub in the Southern Swamp.Buried Treasure There is something that Link is required to do on the First, Second, and Final Days: First Day Put on the Captains Hat and order the Stalchildren to take you under the Ikana Graveyard and learn the Song of Storms Second Day Put.Zelda no Densetsu - Mujura no Kamen Part.

In a crate in South Clock Town.
They will reset to their original positions when you come back through.
You need to trade this Moons Tear for the Town Title Deed from the Business Scrub.