You are also advised to contact the bank immediately with your details to effect the full transaction full transaction.
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Messenger euro millions promotion results, yOU have WON prize OF GBP 310,160.000.
You are strongly advised to keep our office informed untill the reception of the funds into your account as this will enable us to delete your name from our system to avoid double claim.
I do hope you will consider me for a little bonus after you have received your winnings.
If you need any assistance casino monte carlo worms whatsoever, please do not hesitate to let me know how I may assist.Payment Method (Cheque / Bank Transfer tegory Number:.The scammers are counting on a combination of greed estrazioni lotto tedesco oggi and stupidity on the part of the victims.As if email addresses are used to hand out money.Global Euro Millions Promotion International Headquarter United Kingdom collects all the active e-mail addresses of the people online, and few from other e-mail providers.In the UK, call the hotline at to check or report lottery scams.The euro millions International Promotion team.E-mail: UK lottery international claiming security agency.It is also imperative that you add your identification number: SCC/OWN/9876 in the subject line of any correspondence you have with the courier company to ensure that your identification number tallies with what they have in their records as appropriate.Telephone Number (Country lotto ziehung sonntag 14 10 Code)-(Area Code)- Phone Number 10 Cell Number: (Country Code) - (Cell Phone Number.

If you DID reply to one, click here to see what you will likely receive back.