The international flight schedules are revised twice a year for summer and winter seasons.
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The core of the slot coordination process is the use of historical precedence.
This principle entitles an airline to claim a series of slots within losowanie lotto niemcy wyniki the same coordination parameter in the next equivalent scheduling period, provided that at least 80 of the slots were operated by the airline as cleared by the coordinator.(2) Winter Schedule, it is 5 months from the last Sunday in October to the Saturday prior to the last Sunday in following March.The northern winter scheduling season commences on the date DST ends in EU countries, which currently always takes place on the last Sunday in October.Where are the future venues of SC?Summer to Summer scheduling periods and is limited to the equivalent period and days of operation.Today, iata represents some 230 airlines comprising 93 of scheduled international air traffic.Conference place is selected by iata considering the geographical balance.These airports are referred to as schedules facilitated ; - Level 3: The airport demand exceeds capacity during the relevant period and it is impossible to resolve the serious problems in the short term.
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WSG is the abbreviation of Worldwide Slot Guidelines where the policy, principle and process that airlines schedulers, coordinators and facilitators have to follow are defined.
Level 1: The airports capacities are adequate to meet the demands of users.
Individual interview between schedulers and coordinators is limited to15 minutes per airline.
Another main concern is to minimize the impact of air transport on environment.
Atlanta GA, United States 138th Slot Conference 2016 6/21/2016 - 6/23/2016, hamburg, Germany 137th Slot Conference 2015 -, singapore, Singapore 136th Slot Conference 2015 6/23/2015 - 6/25/2015.Conference period is 3 days for June and 4 days for November conference.The Slot Conference (SC) is a Working Conference.November conference is Summer Scheduling season in the following year.(1) SC142 (to be held in June 2018, Vancouver, Canada) (2) SC143 (to be held in November 2018, Spain, Madrid) (3) SC143 (to be held in June 2019, Cape Town, South Africa) back TO THE TOP.Back TO THE TOP.

What is U/L rule?
Various committees or working groups listed below are in session in parallel with SC Schedules Information Standards Committee (sisc) Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group (wwacg) Asia/Pacific Airport Coordinators Association (apaca) Slot Policy Working Group (spwg) Joint Slot Advisory Group (jsag) back TO THE TOP.