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B: 5 Mar 61 pc: _ w: Montgomery Pittman d: Paton Price _ "The Deadly Image" gs: Gerald Mohr Gus Tellson, Dawn Wells Caprice Rambeau, Abraham Sofaer Papa Rambeau, Harvey Johnson Sergeant Raferty, Robert Ridgely Lieutenant Reed, Kelly Thordsen Hammett, Bartlett Robinson Captain Ranson The.
Stanford Jolley Kratkovitch Bart comes to Beau's aid when Beau is kidnapped after he is hired to impersonate the son of a rich European.
B: 16 Feb 58 pc: _ w: Gene Levitt s: Joseph Chadwick d: Alan Crosland.
Martinson _ "The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill" gs: Peggy King Jenny Hill, Sig Ruman Professor Vegelius, Michael Galloway Jim Hedges, William Schallert Carl, George Keymas Sam,.L.B: 21 Sep 58 pc: _ w: Douglas Heyes d: Douglas Heyes _ "Lonesome Reunion" gs: John Russell Edgar Maxwell, Joanna Barnes Abigail Taylor, John Qualen Leland Mills, Richard Reeves Monty, Claire Carleton Flora, Byron Foulgar Clerk, Robert Carson Masher, Jon Lormer Newspaperman, Tim Johnson.Alvin Bell Bandy, Charles Fredericks Shotgun Sparks, Alan Reynolds Phineas Cox Bart and Bret inherit a stagecoach line from their uncle.B: 23 Apr 61 pc: _ w: William Bruckner s: Coles Trapnell, Don Tait d: Paul Landres note: This season contained many reruns of Garner episodes.B: 8 Apr 62 pc: _ w: George.Alexander Jonah Bret is forced to become sheriff of a wild town when his horse knocks out the town bully.Any sales or gratis spiele automatenspiele other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author(s).We are just providing information, which we hope fans will find useful.Kraft, Jake Sheffield Deputy, Paul Barselow Ferguson Bart wins a bank in a poker game unaware that it is about to go bankrupt.Bare "The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick" gs: Whitney Blake Molly Sharp, Ray Teal Sheriff Chick Tucker, Jay Novello Coroner Oliver Poole, Robert.B: 4 Mar 62 pc: _ w: George.Set your buggy brethren free by matching beetles of the same color in groups of three or more.B: 10 Nov 57 pc: _ w: Gerald Drayson Adams d: Richard.B: 22 Nov 59 pc: _ w: Herman Epstein d: Leslie Goodwins note: Bing Russell is credited as playing "Sheriff when in fact in the episode he plays a character called "Jed Haynes" who is not in law enforcement.
Smith d: Irving.
Kingsley, Paul Power Pyne Bart sets out to expose a wealthy San Francisco man as a diamond swindler.
The other main difference is the use of a stripped deck - with all cards of rank 2 to 6 inclusive taken out of the deck.
As Dandy Jim Buckley seasons 1 2 only.
TumbleBugs, save the colorful beetles from being enslaved by the Black Bug Empire!
Brewster, Roscoe Ates Albert, Murray Alper Gus, Gregg Barton Boggs, Craig Duncan Wesley, John Russell (cameo), Ty Hardin (cameo), Will Hutchins (cameo), Clint Walker (cameo), Peter Brown (cameo), Edd Byrnes (cameo) Bart exposes a sheriff who hunts and kills innocent men and claims they are.
B: 15 Feb 59 pc: _ w: Gene.Germano d: Michael O'Herlihy _ "The Golden Fleecing" gs: John Qualen Henry Albright, Paula Raymond Adele Jaggers, Olive Sturgess Phoebe Albright, Richard Loo Lee Hong Chang, Myron Healey Frank Mercer,.Honest and fair business practices, unlike other sites, all our Full Version prices are one-time fees only, there is no obligation to buy more games in the future, no hidden recurring charges, contracts or even annoying newsletters.Fred Dillon, Ruta Lee Laura Dillon, Morgan Jones Buck Wilkerson, Don Barry The Sheriff, Michael Dante Outlaw, John Dennis Pete, Edward Marr Drummer, Harry Jackson Poker Player, Stanley Adams Link A conwoman helps two men who robbed Bart escape from jail.All our pages and downloadable games are regularly and thoroughly tested by third-party security companies, so they are 100 safe, virus-free, adware-free and spyware-free.Because they had earlier agreed to play with a 1 bring-in, David is required to start the betting with a 1 bring-in (his 4 is lower than Bob's 4 by suit).Eli Sayles, Sid Kane Carl Stone, Art Stewart Tom Wales, John Kellogg Ben Stricker, John Truax Brazos, Clyde Howdy Man at Glacier After he loses all his money playing cards, Bart takes a job hauling ice from the mountains where he discovers a frozen corpse.

Bob folds, indicating this by turning his upcard face down and discarding his cards.
5 Cash games edit Five-card stud was limited to small home games and small casino games until becoming available at some online poker cardrooms.
B: 1 Oct 61 pc: _ w: Peter.