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Sales were handled in Japan by Kintetsu Motors, then an exclusive importer of Ford products to Japan.
Retrieved "1974 Ford Capri II 1600 L (low compr.) (model since February 1974 for Europe ) specifications performance data review".
The car retained very little of the Capri, the roof and pillars as well as some parts of the rear end.
The normally aspirated.6 and.0 variants were rebranded with a new trim level "Lasers" which featured a fully populated instrument pod, leather gear lever, leather steering wheel, four-spoke alloy wheels as used on the S spielhalle burg fehmarn models, an electric aerial and colour-coded grille pink elephant slots and mirrors.6 Ford began selling the Capri in the Australian market in May 1969 8 and in April 1970 it was released in the North American and South African markets.Retrieved "1977 Ford Capri II 1600 L (low compr.) (model for Europe ) specifications performance data review".At the same time the.0 Capri was rationalised to one model, the.0 S, which simultaneously adopted a mildly modified suspension from the Capri Injection.In the UK the.0 L V4 remained in use.The 1973 model had the federally mandated.5 mph front bumper for '73.A b c d Garnier, Peter,.Capri 280 edit The last run limited edition Capri 280, nicknamed "Brooklands" referring to the name of the particular shade of green that all Capri 280 models were painted in, featured a limited slip differential, full leather Recaro interior and 15 inch versions of the seven.The new styling cues, most notably the black "Aeroflow" grille (first used on the Mk I Fiesta ) and the "sawtooth" rear lamp lenses echoed the new design language being introduced at that time by Ford of Europe's chief stylist Uwe Bahnsen across the entire.This article is about the European Ford Capri built between 19For the Australian car, see.The very last Laser Capri came off the line in November 1986, painted in a unique "Mercury Grey" colour."1980 Ford Capri.6 S (model up to mid-year 1980 for Europe.K.) specifications performance data review".All listings 1-48 of 98 results, results pagination - page 1 1 2 3, got one to sell?Ford Capri.8i Outside Europe edit North America edit Capri edit See also: Mercury Capri 19 From 1970 to 1978, the Capri was sold in North America through Ford's Lincoln - Mercury Division.Retrieved 23 December 2014.LC 27 1,298 cc (79.2 cu in) Crossflow I4 54 hp (40 kW; 55 PS) 87 mph (140 km/h).
The first Ford Special, was the Capri Vista Orange Special.
In June/July, 1974, Ford Australia imported fifty Capri RS3100 models.
This model was essentially rebuilt by hand by Tickford at approximately 200 hours per car.This made it the first Ford to feature a hatchback - at a time when the hatchback was becoming increasingly popular in Europe after first being patented by Renault in the mid 1960s.Vauxhall had launched coupe versions of its MK1 Cavalier in the late 1970s but when the MK2 Cavalier was launched in 1981 there were no coupe versions.However, the rise in popularity of "hot hatchbacks" and sports saloons during the early 1980s saw demand for affordable sports car fall throughout Europe.The Tickford Capri pricing issues meant that Ford also sanctioned the Turbo Technics conversion as semi-official, although only the German RS and British Tickford ever appeared in Ford literature as official Ford products.9 All North American versions featured the "power dome" hood and four round 534".S.-spec headlights.LC (UK) 29 1,298 cc (79.2 cu in) Crossflow I4 50 hp (37 kW; 51 PS) 85 mph (137 km/h)."Car theft in England and Wales: the Home Office car theft index" (PDF)."Capri's designer a mystery no longer".Retrieved pringbock Supercars - Aussie Style, Australian Muscle Car, Issue 10, Nov/Dec 2003, pages 16 to 19 "Technical data Ford Capri Mk I Perana V8 (19701973."Ford Capri RS 2600 im Fahrbericht: RS 2600 der 911-Versäger"."1978 Ford Capri.0 V6 Ghia (model since March 1978 for Europe ) specifications performance data review".Rear disc brakes were standard on the Tickford, which featured numerous other suspension modifications.

Capri Laser edit From November 1984 onwards, the Capri was sold only in Britain, with only right hand drive cars being made from this date.