ff13 2 slot machine tricks

When NPC says something nice about the weather (mood give it a go!
I always started with at least 5000 coins.
This way you will eventually get the jackpot (777 which will prompt the machine to online roulette ipad real money enter a Break mode and then in Overbreak mode.
Alright, I am assuming you are playing slots for the Lucky Coin fragment and not because you like it (because I personally found it to be a bore and a chore).Wait for Jackpot rounds in Overbreak mode, each win will give you 5,000 coins.Keep wining til you have recovered what you lost and WON 10,000 coins on top of advanced poker strategy texas holdem that.This is what I did.If you want to unlock Serendipitous achievement/trophy in FF13-2, you need to earn a total of 10,000 coins from Chocobo Racing or Slot Machines in the Casino (Exchanging Gil for Casino Coins doesnt count towards this achievement/trophy).Dont forget to share your own tips with us on how to play these mini-games in Final Fantasy 13-2.113 86, that machine's on fire.Talk to NPC next to Slot Machine and she will tell you that slot machine actually has its mood.
I used a small piece of tape to keep the button down to keep the machine chuggin' along (watching a movie while it was running :P).
Your final coins count should be 10,000 coins more than your starting number.g.
How To Play On Slot Machines.
Level it up to 45 (Max) and it would be a force to reckon with on the race track.
Or you can earn 10,000 coins from Slot Machines but that is highly random and subjected to your luck.It's like a hot summer's day!Eventually she said the above and I started my grind, thus begins the boring part.Overbreak mode is your window of opportunity because you have 10 times more chance of getting a jackpot.If not, load a previous save and start over.Manual, auto-Play, perl lotto simulator oh, dear.Icon, that Machine's on Fire, it's like a Hot Summer's Day 9 (x10/x100 Mode) 1/347 1/320 9 (Normal Mode) 1/5,321 1/3,632.