Maria Ho also made a name for herself on reality TV show The Amazing Race with fellow poker player Tiffany Michelle.
She is now perhaps best known as the Team Manager of the LA Sunset in the Global Poker League, and famously she recruited Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad to join the team.
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Another top professional female poker player who has earned the respect of her peers for the versatility in her game.She has over 2 million in live cashes, including several wins and her biggest score was in a wsop event, coming second for 540,020.Photos of Maria Ho, maria Ho playing poker, maria Ho contemplating her hand.She is a respected Limit Holdem player and twice was on the WPTs Ones to watch list.Take, for example, Barbara Enright.Enright was the first woman inducted into the.Not only are more women playing poker, the best of them rival the best male players.In fact, for the first time in a dozen years, two women.Best Women Poker Players In Learn who the best female poker players in the world are, ranked by live tournament earnings.Though having been absent from professional play since 2013, few female players have been as successful and consistent in their poker success as Rousso.Female professional poker players.Since poker is a game where you have to misslead your opponent, being a girl and let your opponents think youre weaker, could be an advantage when youre actually stronger.'Decisions' - Borgore feat.
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The journey of India's first female professional poker player.
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