I can find only one error: c_bayasabhad should also be holy_site slotomania playtika slots gods_bone_mountains_reformed.
You can either keep them as "acceptable losses" to give away in the inevitable wars, or you can just grant them independence and babysit them through alliances until they're stable (I like to play tribal gavelkind by conquering enough land to let all.
Raz, new Member, posts: 3 erbkaiser and xenomorf like this.9.1 here, after some quick testing it, i made it work.
Poland is also a good starting place.Baghdad, Damascus, and Cairo are also awesome, but you do have to do some major crusading in order to claim them.This doesn't add slots to every province so much as it allows the vanilla event that adds a new holding slot when you have high prosperity.If there are large realms nearby of a different religion (especially entirely different religious group then roulette online for real money any sign of weakness will tend to invite holy wars.Can't download the file; says the format isn't recognized by Win.Zippyshare and European servers don't get on so well, apparently.It's a perfectly clean version I made in a couple of hours, as a low number of holdings in a base mod was always bothering.Ml #edit: Autor allowed me to update this bastardised quick-made version, so until an offical release thats all we have.You're in a fairly inoffensive portion of the map, with no major threats (you're a long way from the Islamic kingdoms, and the Golden Horde rarely stretches further west than Poland and Hungary (which is historically accurate btw and in the early game you get.
It's nigh identical to my own updated version.
That was how I did my recent playthrough as nomad Magyar going merchant republic, but my plan all along was to join the Byzantine schweizerische lotterie empire and eventually subvert it to create a new Roman Republic.
Petko, new Member, posts: 8, this need to be updated.9.1!Last Edit: by goldenpotato, is anyone else getting a 403 Forbidden off Raz's zippyshare?"Edit: Compatible for.9" it should work no?Xenomorf likes this, that update is perfectly clean.So long as you don't do anything to piss off the Holy Roman Empire, it's a pretty good kingdom to start playing.How long have you played?The most critical time was actually the tribal period between nomad and merchant; I had to be independent in order to create a merchant republic, but I was surrounded by terrifying nomad hordes of my unconverted kinsmen (and tribal levies are particularly useless against nomad.It would make the Kingdom of the Stepstones worth holding.