The rewards for 30v30 will still use the same revised League Medal table below.
We have also restructured the League Medal rewards to help encourage Clans to battle their best!
However, in this case, some "Star Bonus Time" will be wasted.
If you don't keep playing, you don't get to keep your badge!Champion I Leaderboard, with the update, we will be posting an in-game Leaderboard at the conclusion of each League season.Currently, there is a glitch that if your highest trophies is 399 and below, the "Trophy Record" in "My Profile" tab will state that you were in the Bronze III League.We are introducing a new Clan War League size: 30v30!This bonus is provided by the game, doesnt come from your opponent so you dont have to worry about losing resources on this village.To join a league, start by completing one multiplayer attack.
Each league will track victories while both attacking and defending.
This is because only 3 of all loot in the treasury can be stolen.
The table below indicates the maximum number of League Medals you can earn in a League season.
Chat, clan, tops, friends list).
New Leagues From the 1st July of 2015.
In addition, leagues ferienbingo ostern also offer a better Star Loot bonus the higher league you are.
The Clash of Clans team took a very different approach on the way we get loot on the Builder, a complete overhaul from the Home Base.This Leaderboard will show the ranking of the Champion I Clans, based on your Clans position in your Champion I group, then Stars earned, with Destruction for tiebreakers.Summary, the Star Bonus is a feature that was added in the Version.116.2 update on January 26, 2016.By removing the stealing and shields, the gameplay was completely changed.You can check to see how much longer the current league season will last by clicking on the trophy icon at the top left of the main screen.This trophy threshold is set between 100 and 300 trophies above the previous league, up to the Legend League, where there is no such threshold; gaps between lower leagues are smaller and vice versa.By reaching a certain trophy threshold, players will be promoted to a higher league.Unranked, bronze, silver, gold, crystal, master, champion.Are the rewards for 30v30 different?Star Bonuses begin to contain Dark Elixir at Gold III, while League Bonuses begin to contain Dark Elixir at Crystal III.You will be grouped with up to 100 players at a time in your league to help you gauge your progress.Description, trophy Leagues fist were added in the.In the.156 update on July 1, 2015 the Titan and Legend leagues were added.Each league has 3 separate divisions, except for Legend, which has only one.