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Klasse mit Schwertern Date: Condition: good, twice folded spielautomat geldspeicher Document size: A5 Issued to: Gefreiten Peter Grewelding Unit: Feldzeugbat.22 Ink-stamp: Oberkommando des Heeres Signed by: General-Quartiermeister Eduard Wagner Additional information: Wagner commited suicide on because of his involvement in the attempt of killing Adolf Hitler.
Above average Soldbuch/Wehrpass of an heavy artillery "Hauptwachtmeister " who served within a "Panzerzug" unit.
Reger has been released of active duty.Rgt.413 which should be part of the.Div.It shows the NCO with his comrades enjoying life in peaceful periods.Waffen SS postcard picture.Scholz Soldbuch of "Matrose" Rolf Scholz who served within the "Schiffsmaschinenausbildungs Abteilung der Kriegsmarine".Soldbuch (WH) Kriegsmarine - Dutch volunteer - Jansen.Zimmer served also within "Ober Bau Leitung Normandie" and "Sondereinsatz Burgund" (France).1) Great "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen" award document which has been signed by "Oberst" and regimental commander Friedrich-Wilhelm Deutsch (Deutsch would finally be promoted to "Generalleutnant" and commander of the.Div.) Deutsch would be killed by car accident in Albany.3) Bits and pieces of correspondance.Comes with an original banner (16 x 54 cms) lotto groten stolberg Nioce and unusual set!Rgt.322 of the.Div.Jg.Rgt.23 which was raised in November 1944 in Amersfoort in Holland.Div.72 -Dauer Soldbuch that belonged to Karl Dauer who served with Gren.The Soldbuch has a nice added page which states Moll was given a second "Feldmütze" instead of a "Schirmmütze".This man had already seen some action!
Fernim Award document grouping of "Obergefreiter" Heinrich Fernim who served within Flak Rgt.12.
It bears the entry: ".Eben-Emael in cooperation with stormgroup Koch".
Krieger has been involved in fightings in France, Russia On Krieger was KIA between Orel and Smolensk (Morosono).Great grouping of a famous regiment!973 (o) and Stab lei.This example has still all the originall additional attachments!This unit was sationed in France (.40 -.43 in Calais-Marck and.43 -.44 in Monchy-Breton) 9,5 x 14,5 cms.Rgt.553 of the.Div.Rgt.47 of the.(LL) Inf.

Gefreiter Feldgendarmerie picture Nice clear shot of a Feldgendarmerie Gefreiten.