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Basic, v2 at the, commodore.
To restore a natural8 bonus code locked-up C-64 without a reset button fitted, one has to momentarily turn off the power, thereby losing any program or data in RAM!
Deactivated the key combination and makes TI unusable.Remark: This article describes the basic-Command poke.9 00:01:39,234 - 00:01:44,681.The 16-bit address comes out in a zeropage pointer, and so the short poke handling routine (a mere 9 bytes long) simply sets the Y index register to zero and uses an indirect indexed STA to store the given byte in the designated address.Caution: A misplaced poke may cause the C-64 to lock up, or garble or delete the program currently in memory.Poke 53281, peek (53280 the background color is set to the same color as the screenframe color.Poke 775,119, lIST-Command will be blocked, rOM details.If either number is outside these limits, the 64 will display the error message?illegal quantity error IN line.Typ : Command, general.6 00:01:20,592 - 00:01:25,685.Basic.0 (second release) Commands.F153281: W1: poke F1,W, the background color will be changed into top band casino poroka white over variables.Poke is handled in basic ROM at /B824B82C: It uses another subroutine, getpar, to read the two parameters of the poke command as a 16-bit unsigned integer and a byte, respectively.Programming-Syntax : poke Memory address, number The basic-Command, pOKE changes the content of any address in the memory address, ranging from 0 to 65535, to the given byte value in the range 0 through 255.If poke given a parameter to the basic ROM region, the write will instead be redirected to the underlying RAM.This may be used to copy the ROM into RAM in order to a user's own version.
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Also see the basic-Command peek.
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