The first thing you will notice when you visit an Icelandic grocery store is that shopping there is in all probability going to be quite an expensive undertaking.
Thursday 11-18, friday 11-19, saturday 11-18, sunday closed.Frescobaldi Romelo red wine 750ml (25.36oz).For location and opening hours of all the alcohol stores in Iceland click here.All other stores, mondays - Thursdays 11:00 - 18:30, fridays 10:00 - 19:00.Monday 11-18, tuesday 11-18, wednesday 11-18.
Where can you find the best fresh food variety and which stores should you avoid at all costs?
Where will you find the best prices?
Kjötborg is located bing mobile ads on kartenspiel straße Ásvallagata 19 Melabúin is located bonus google adwords on Hagamelur 39 Pétursbú is located on Ránargata 15 Sunnubú is located on Mávahlí 26).
There are alcohol stores in most major towns in the country but their opening hours are not as long as in Reykjavik and alcohol stores in small towns are often closed on Saturdays as well.
In some Icelandic supermarkets (usually those tailored to tourists and thus more expensive products are labelled both in English and Icelandic; in the larger ones in the suburbs, this is often not the case, but staff are more than likely to speak English and be happy.Heineken beer 6x50cl (616.9oz) 15, absolut vodka 1 liter (33.8oz).Heineken beer 6x50cl (616.9oz) 10, absolut vodka 1 liter (33.8oz).An incredibly wide range of goods, from cheap clothes and overpriced cosmetics to a large selection of food items, makes.Every person can buy a certain amount of alcohol duty-free.The only stores that are allowed to sell alcohol are government owned alcohol stores called Vínbúin.They are also a great option for picky eaters, as they are far more likely to have products from home than stores at either end of the price range.Kronan, krónan is slightly more expensive than Bónus but offers a considerably larger variety of food items, including an impressive selection of organic and preservative-free groceries, so expensive that you'll feel guilty for buying them, but so healthy that you'll feel guilty if you don't.Although Nóatún is definitely quite expensive, they come a long way towards maintaining an intimate corner store atmosphere, offering quality services and warm meals at lunch time.Buying Alcohol in Iceland: Price of alcohol sold in stores in Iceland.Due to minimal customer service, a raw industrial interior, and the size of the conglomerates market share, Bónus can underbid all of their competitors and surveys almost always find it to be Iceland's cheapest grocery store.Go back, stores Opening Hours, skeifan-Smáratorg, every day 10:00 - 19:00 (Sunday: 11:00 - 18:00).

With the cost of eating out, buying food at Bonus, or another grocery store, and having some meals in your room/condo, is a great idea.
There are strict rules about buying alcohol in Iceland and the sale of alcohol is heavily taxed so prices are high.
Stella Artois beer 6x33cl (611.15oz).