To not have to pay for recovering custom weapons like your WA2000 rifle, you can go into your room on the 7th floor, unfold your rifle and place it in the ICA box.
Infiltrating the Hotel, the Entrance, first thing you should do is go to the front desk and talk to the receptionist.Once he reached inside, detonate your bomb.Dispatch of the shiek and pack away your sniper.know you can choose 2 options 1) put on the guards suit and walk out (remember you will have to pay 5000 dollars for it to get retrieved on a difficulty higher than rookie ) or take.Another method in killing the Scientist, if you want more of a challenge: After taking care.Keep an eye on the map and the information notices.Wait for the door to close, and then climb the hatch.Jeśli ta opcja jest włączona, pozwala nam to mierzyć skuteczność naszych kampanii reklamowych, umożliwia wyświetlanie trafniejszych reklam o produktach i usługach, które Cię interesują, oraz ogranicza liczbę wyświetleń tej samej reklamy.
This one is also a cinch as long as you bring the silenced.
The Scientist will arrive with the Diamonds Briefcase and take the rigged DNA research briefcase with him.
Go down to the lobby, then casino and to the north east where the sheikh.
Although this level has a lot of armed personnel and can easily turn into a bloodbath if you go loud, it's still easy if the methods are right.
TMP, and some sniper rifle ammunition (not W2000 ammo, unfortunately).The first thing you need to do is wait for the green guy to enter the lift.The guards outside will be suspicious, but they won't shoot you.Take the opportunity to strangle him quickly and leave the area.You'll find psk bonus 20 godina out in due time.Wyłączenie tej opcji nie spowoduje wyłączenia reklam, mogą one natomiast być niedopasowane do Twoich zainteresowań i wyświetlać się częściej.You won't be able to recover the payment, though.

Wait there for a while (watch the target on the map in the casino, generally after you deal with Lateef using elevator hatch method then you can go and wait).
In here is his DNA Sample Briefcase.