bingo event

Open the Pouch to claim a random.
Event Name, bingo Event, event Start, wednesday, August 30th (End of Maintenance).Auto-Battles Complete 1 Auto-Battle.Manpower Consumption, consume Manpower * lotto 6 49 scanner app 1,500 (Auto-Battles do not count).Obtaining MG T-Dolls Obtain Machine Gun T-Doll *.Bingo Number, and use your numbers adler casino bonusbedingungen to fill out your.Accumulative Logistic Support Accumulate 12 hours of completed Logistic Support.Night Battle Challenge, challenge and win a Night Battle 1 time.Missions are generated from the pool of tasks below listed.Any duplicate numbers pulled will generate 10 Targeted Draw Points where you can spend 100 points later to manually select the number tile on the board to be guaranteed.
T-Dolls can be counted by both crafting and Rescuing from the mission.
Mission Report - Quick Repair Obtain Quick Repair * 1 from Logistic Support.
Mission Report - Equipment Production Contract Obtain Equipment Contract * 1 from Logistic Support.
Mission Report - Quick Production Obtain Quick Production * 1 from Logistic Support.
Equipment - Body Gears Obtain body gear *.Continuing Event: Bingo Event, we've brought back Bingo, but no more needing to find the exact Battle Quest needed to claim a ticket.Once you finish certain number of lines on the Bingo, additional rewards will be unlocked, which includes ART556 for this event.Obtain Assault Rifle T-Doll *.Equipment Contract Consumption, consume Equipment Contract * 4 in total.Skill Training Perform 1 Skill Training.09/11 10/01 (UTC-8 line Rewards 1: Resources x 3000 4: T-Doll Contract x10, Quick Production x10, Quick Repair x10, Quick Training x2 8: ART556 14: Challenger Medal, Token x50, Calibration Ticket x200, Advanced Training Data x300.Once you have unlocked all the prizes you want, press.Calibration Ticket Consumption Consume Calibration Ticket * 30 in total.It's the final week to complete your Bingo's, and we're helping you through the home stretch with a special on-time event, giving you a chance at 5 Bingo numbers every day!Mission Tasks, normal Battle Challenge, challenge and win a Normal Battle 3 times.Battery Consumption Consume Battery * 100 in total.8 Bingos: Emote: Cheerleader, an event-exclusive Emote!

Event Details, complete Battle Quests to claim, bingo Tickets, up to 5 tickets per day.
Collecting Hearts, collect 10 hearts in total (from T-Dolls and Kalina).