I am not suggesting Microsoft is up to anything Machiavellian here, its just that competition with Google and others tends to make corporations push the envelope too.
As, joel Hruska over at HotHardware pointed out in September when reporting on Googles shiny new patent: The privacy implications of such an automated system or enormous.
Windows Phone 8 product owners will be receiving a minor upgrade for the app's camera feature through the update.
For Windows Phone users Bing has just released their spielothek alexanderplatz free.The new version of the app, according to the official Bing blog, still allows its users to translate foreign languages on their mobile phones.Redesigned user interface for the existing and recently released offline language packs.When it comes to the Windows 8 version, were also getting an update for that app to bring it up on par with the Windows Phone 8 version: Speech-to-speech translations from any Windows device.The thinking person has to ask; If Microsoft (Google) can tie in a massive linguistic database to solve for language via images, what other databases might be employed?Facebooks own automatic facial recognition software was highly controversial when it debuted, and what Google has now patented puts Facebook to shame.As a mobile search component, the new app would seem to have great implications.
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Continually one of the most popular apps in the Windows stable, the translator combines so called Augmented Reality Translation via users cameras to translate text along with other modes of use.
Owners of older Windows Phone devices have benefited from the Bing apps team at Microsoft with the previous launch of the Bing Translator app.
For one instance, object recognition algorithms, combined with the appropriate database driven information system, can help smart device users accomplish fantastic (futuristic) tasks.
By allowing users to live translate various language to their own native tongue, Bing Translator is an invaluable tool for those finding themselves in a foreign land.
If youre running Windows.1, you will have the update pushed to you automatically.Source: Bing blog, image via Microsoft.Today, Microsoft announced a new version of the app is now available for download for Windows Phone 8 smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC Windows Phone.Thats fodder for another article, but for Bing search, this little app announcement bears notice if for nothing more than catching up with Google and Android a bit.According to the blog post, the Bing Translator app for Windows Phone has now been downloaded over one million times since it was first released.You can grab version.8 of Bing Translator right now here in the Store or scan the QR code below.While not spanking new technology, Bings app using a users camera, with speech text translation technologies combined, plus adding in little learning features such as word-of-the-day, gives Windows Phone fans have a powerful tool at their disposal now.Via: Microsoft Translator Blog, this post may contain affiliate links.You can also find Bing Translator for Windows 8 here in the Windows Store directly.Portrait and landscape mode for the camera mode.

Bing Translator app for Windows Phone.