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Traffic Incident Data, use this description to understand the results returned for a Traffic API request.
Shows how to use.NET with the rest Services.
The example json output below shows that there are 20 department stores within a 30-minute driving time.Traffic, shows how to get information about traffic incidents and issues in a specified area.Users can also get information about traffic issues that met the criteria specified in the URL request, such as schnelles geld ohne kredit map area, incident type and severity.Using the rest Services with.NET.Locations, shows how to geocode and reverse-geocode location data.Getting Traffic Incident Data.The Bing Maps Version 8 Web Control (v8) provides this functionality through the.For driving travel mode, historic traffic data is considered which provides rush hour and non-rush hour traffic driving times."resourceSets "estimatedTotal 1, "resources type "typeResults "typeName "Department Stores "typeSummary "20 Department Stores in 30 Minutes by Driving "entities "entityName "Sears Stores "latitude.630211, "longitude -122.141318, "entityName "Fred Meyer "latitude., "longitude -122., "entityName "Daiso Japan "latitude.620109, "longitude -122.130684, "entityName "Ben Franklin Crafts "latitude.Contributors, in this article, the Bing Maps rest Services Application Programming Interface (API) provides a Representational State Transfer (rest) interface to perform tasks such as creating a static map with pushpins, geocoding an address, retrieving imagery metadata, or creating a route.You can profile neighborhoods (e.g., Restaurants, schools within walking distances etc.) to help house hunters identify the perfect neighborhood for a new home.Bing Maps uses traffic flow data in two ways.Routes, shows how to get directions and route information for driving, walking, truck or using transit.Waypoint - You can use coordinates or a query of a location.Viewing Bing Maps Transaction Reports.A complete list of countries in which traffic data is available can be found here.
Also, Local Insights API uses a travel time/distance isochrone rather than a crow fly circle to find what is within that region.
The Bing Maps team is happy to announce the real-time traffic flow data is now available in 55 countries.
Common Parameters and Types, describes common parameters and types that specify values such as culture and pushpin styles.
With the release of Bing Maps Local Search API earlier this month, we are excited to include another API to the collection.Other use cases can include a variety of real estate and commercial scenarios.You can find this library.For example, find out how many restaurants, bars, movie theaters, parks or other kinds of places are nearby and also take into consideration the predicted traffic at the time that matters most to you.Also, you can display a list of businesses such as gas stations nearby that could be helpful when planning for a new business location.Bing Maps Team.Contributors, in this article, use the Traffic API to get information about traffic incidents and issues, such as construction sites and traffic congestion.The json response provides the names of the department stores and movie theaters along with the latitude/longitude for those locations so that they can be displayed on a map and/or the results can be aggregated for summary purposes.What's New, describes the latest updates to the Bing Maps rest Services.For traffic incident coverage by country, see.

Call Options, what makes the API so powerful, is that you can call it in a number of different ways such as: Travel Modes - Walking, driving or transit.
In This Section, getting Started, gets you started with the Bing Maps rest Services.
Routes and the, traffic.