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Microsoft announced in March 2008 that it will release its latest software technology called "ClearFlow".
La herramienta duró cinco años para equipo de inteligencia artificial de Microsoft.
Según al empleado de Microsoft de Estados Unidos y experto de inteligencia artificial, Eric Horvitz, "ClearFlow se integraría en Bing Mobile y otras aplicaciones móviles de Microsoft, incluyendo navegación en el coche y dispositivos de navegación personal." Clearflow estará disponible sin costo alguno.
Archived from the original on Retrieved Bing StreetSide: Appeal is possible until end of September Archived at the Wayback Machine, Netzwelt, retrieved September 12, 2011 Only 40,000 Appeals for Bing Steetside Archived at the Wayback Machine, Netzwelt, August 28, 2011 (german) "OpenStreetMap now lets you.6 Bing Maps Transit editar Al buscar cómo ir de una ubicación a otra, Bing Maps te da la opción de ver las rutas disponibles dependiendo de cómo te desplaces.This is particularly noticeable in locations that have undergone rapid recent development or experienced other dramatic changes since the imagery was taken, such as areas affected by natural disasters.13 Between August and September 2011, German customers roulette spielen tipps liste were allowed to appeal against integration of their house or flat in Bing Streetside.Road view edit Road view is the default map view and displays vector imagery of roads, buildings, and geography.
V6.1 (GoliatH) - Improved quality of 3D models, improved KML support and new export capabilities, street labels on Bird's Eye imagery, MapCruncher integration, HD filming capabilities, Clearflow traffic report system.2 (Helios) (24 September 2008) - Multi-point driving directions, landmarks in directions, weather, real stars.
More readable top band casino poroka labels eliminate the need for bolding and less-attractive glows.
Oficial Blogs editar Los desarrolladores de recursos editar Via Virtual Earth - Recursos para desarrolladores de Bing Maps msdn MapPoint Center - Centro de desarrollo oficial para Virtual Earth y servicios de Web de MapPoint T editar Simplovation ( enlace roto disponible en Internet Archive.
Soporte de red de entrega contenido añadido de mosaicos de imágenes en junio de 2009 Bing Maps se basó en tecnologías existentes de Microsoft, como Microsoft MapPoint y TerraServer.
Needs update It is a Web-based service for traffic-based driving directions available on m in 72 cities across the.S.Francia : Toulouse y Vannes.En muchas áreas, la resolución máxima es de aproximadamente 4,5 píxeles por metro.Imágenes de satélite editar Bing Maps también incluye varios terabytes de satélite e imágenes aéreas.It is also available in other countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Mexico and some others.Navegadores basados en WebKit han experimentado problemas para acceder a Bing Maps y sitios Web relacionados.These apps are only accessible through Bing Maps Silverlight.4 Todavía algunas interestatales auxiliares, cuyos signos no se contabilizan por diversas razones, están etiquetados incorrectamente como parte de otra interestatal.Often, ClearFlow found it may be faster to stay on the highway instead of seeking alternative side street routes, which involve traffic lights and congestion as well.

Streetside editar Artículo principal: Street Slide Streetside es un servicio de Bing Maps en el que se muestra el recorrido de calles en 360.
To attempt to achieve near-photorealism, all 3D buildings are textured using composites of aerial photography.
This allows users to quickly zoom down to a region or location anywhere on the map with just a few clicks.