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Now that we are able to read the installed voices and to read the currently used language, we can use a simple Linq query to get the speech language we want to use: var engVoice from voice in voices where artsWith en select voice; The.( ) A - L4 - 1 A - L4 - 3 (sticky ) A - L4 - 1 A - L4 - 1 timeout sticky session.For example, a hotels concierge can use a bot to enhance traditional e-mail and phone call interactions by validating a customer via Azure Active Directory and using Cognitive Services to better contextually process customer requests using text and voice.Here is my complete method: private async void StartReadAloud(string text) voices l; if (GetCurrentCulture "en var engVoice from voice in voices where artsWith en select voice; if (unt 0) tVoice(engVoice.ElementAt(0 await else /msgbox German else ncelAll /msgbox notSupported language.Real server 1# rip ; real IP address Real server 1# ena ; real Real server 1# /cfg/slb/real 2 ; real.AI/IoT 4AI/IoT, azure Machine Learning SDK for Python.L7 URL : URL String.