For example, you can specify the users location to lotto gmbh prioritize the set of locations returned when you query with incomplete address information.
For all location values, it is a best practice to encode the URI before making the request.A string specifying the street line of an address.One of the following values: - 1: Include neighborhood information when available.EastLongitude /BoundingBox Address AddressLine 1 Microsoft Way /AddressLine AdminDistrict2 King.Routing Service Improvements, bing Maps provides routing for the following modes of transportation: cars, trucks, walking and public transit.a comma a colon or a plus sign.Parameters Alias Description Values adminDistrict Optional for unstructured URL.Today, the Bing Maps team is happy to announce improved algorithms and increased coverage support for these services, which also directly improve the coverage of many of the new Bing Maps Fleet Management APIs, such as the Isochrone and Distance Matrix APIs which rely.A string that contains an integer between 1 and.This example provides location information for an unstructured query for Kings Road in the United Kingdom and uses the userLocation value to prioritize the response.
When you make a request by using one of the following URL street progression roulette templates, the response returns one or more Location resources that contain location information associated with the URL parameter values.
The number of countries in which Bing Maps has Rooftop or Address level detailed coverage has grown from 82 to 109 countries.
For more information about the Location resource, see Location Data.
Longitude /Point BoundingBox SouthLatitude.
The post code, postal code, or ZIP Code of an address.
# of Countries, old Coverage, new Coverage, good 58 116, fair 82 54 Major Roads Only 113 83 Detailed routing coverage information can be found here.In this case, the neighborhood you provide may be returned in the neighborhood field of the response and a greater locality may be returned in the locality field.The address number is not processed.Local Search, use this URL template to search for nearby local businesses using a text query or business type.URL Templates, note, these templates support both http and https protocols.In this case, the neighborhood field in the response is set to Ballard and the locality field is set to Seattle.XML Response The Locations resource returned for this example provides the latitude and longitude of the location and defines a geographical area (bounding box) that includes the location.Response Copyright Copyright 2011 Microsoft and its suppliers.Example : 98178 addressLine Optional for unstructured URL.Culture Parameter : Includes a list of the supported cultures.Unstructured URL, an unstructured URL appends the location data to the URL path.