bing maps elevation profile

The functionality that it exposes (geocoding, routing, map display etc.) is based on, although not identical to, the features available through the Bing Maps ajax casino girl costume Control and Silverlight control.
Additionally, you may request sampled elevation data along paths, allowing you to calculate elevation changes along routes.Load the elevation data into two-dimensional array.Answer: These are the best maps for hiking and other outdoor activities.Bing Satellite Images (online access only).Log Result is null /.Or so I thought, until I tried testing the elevation of an area somewhere near the Mariana Trench: fully expecting an answer of something like 10,000, instead I got the following: alt:46,2,-11,3,lod:8 Oh well.In other words, the four results correspond to the locations at: which, according to Google, are located at elevations of:.4444427, -18.9525394,.1086426, -24.8328476.
However, there had been some discussion on the Bing Maps Developer forum about whether it was wise to try to obfuscate your key from casual snoopers.
Preload free map data for areas without cell service (Pro feature!).
Comments and feature requests to Have a look at our other outdoor navigation apps: online spiele geld gewinnen job m/store/search?Even assuming that altitude is measured relative to the ellipsoid rather than to sea-level, the altitude coordinates dont seem to line up with the terrain I know.I was therefore surprised to see so many negative values.Firstly, the key used to access the Bing Maps services from m/maps is in plain view in the source code of the page.Next is to take a guess at how the rows and columns are assigned across the assigned.Short, elevations new short32, 32; Array ea elevations; rseElevationArray(response, ref ea / Log first elevation value Debug.Unless, the elevation service also includes bathymetry data, and is therefore reporting negative values for depth below sea level of locations on the ocean floor.Google Road Map (online access only).Log(response / You have two options: /.Earth At Night, hillshading overlay layer for OSM, Google or Bing maps.Record share tracks with statistics elevation profile.I guess thats what you get for playing around with undocumented APIs.Share Waypoints, Tracks or Routes (via eMail, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Facebook,.).