You can now join poker games created with Bold Poker on an iPad.
"Crazy idea, exquisitely well done" - Daring Fireball "A brilliant new take on Texas hold'em" - Beautiful Pixels.
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Please note: * 18er lotto uetendorf You need an iPad or iPhone to host a game * Each player will need an Android Phone, iPhone or iPod with the Bold Poker Player app to play * Bold Poker requires an internet connection to play * All devices must.Bold Poker replaces your deck of cards and delivers a classy, meticulously designed experience that looks and feels pro.If you've got any feedback or would like to get in touch, feel free keno verseck twitter to write.Forget about taking turns shuffling and let Bold Poker be your professional dealer.We've designed Bold Poker to preserve the atmosphere of live poker while drastically improving the comfort and speed.How it works: * Use an iPad in the middle of the table for the board cards * Each player opens Bold Poker with their Phone and joins the game * Move the dealer button on the board device to deal a card to each.Newsreaders are software programs that are required to read and post to Usenet newsgroup forums.We hope you enjoy this new way of playing Texas hold'em!Bold Poker, the personal card dealer for your home game has finally arrived on Android.Then sit back and enjoy how fun poker night can be when Bold Poker is kurnik poker za darmo your dealer.Kies de beste browser voor je computer.
De site is ontworpen voor Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari of Chrome.
Android, phone, iPhone or iPod with the Bold.
Poker, player app to play Bold, poker.
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