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A disabled A-wing fighter, piloted by Arvel Crynyd, then makes a kamikaze maneuver into the Executor 's bridge, with Piett and Commander Gherant diving into the lower command deck.
5 Novels edit As stated in the 2015 Ultimate Star Wars reference book, Piett was born on the Outer Rim world of casino home party Axxila, and is confirmed to have the first name Firmus within the new canon.Retrieved June 7, 2017.Kasdan was aware that there was fun to be had in giving more depth and variability to his background characters, not only to help viewers identify them, but to remind his audience that much of the Empire consisted of people just doing their jobs.However, the Falcon unexpectedly jumps to light-speed and evade capture, as R2-D2 is able to reactivate the hyperdrive.5 During the Rebel attack on the second Death Star, Piett receives orders from Emperor Palpatine himself to hold position and keep the Rebels from escaping from the Death Star's fully operational superlaser.4 After the Battle of Hoth, Piett is tasked with the pursuit of the Millennium Falcon, which has escaped into a nearby asteroid field.
The incapacitated Destroyer then plunges into the Death Star, exploding in a plume of flame, as Piett meets his demise.
1, he subsequently appeared in the sequel.
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You need to sign in or create an account to do that.The Empire Strikes Back (Movie).Star Wars: Lost Stars.8 Reception edit Over time, the character has become a favorite amongst fans, due to his unusual longevity.Permanent dead link a b c Irvin Kershner (Director) (May 17, 1980).Congratulations on your purchase!While in search of the Rebel base, under the command of Admiral Ozzel, Piett receives a suspicious transmission from an Imperial probe droid located in the Hoth system.Ozzel is quickly executed by Vader for this incompetence.Kenneth Colley in the 1980 film, the Empire Strikes Back.Empire Strikes Back in the film's novelization, he was brought to life to audiences around the world by British actor Kenneth Colley, who was cast in the role.7 Star Wars Legends edit Piett has appeared in many novels, comics and video games, now considered to be non-canon and part of Star Wars Legends.9 According to Colley, the character of Piett was not originally slated to appear in Return of the Jedi, but George Lucas added him because Lucasfilm had received "a lot of fan mail" about the character.6 Piett later joins the Imperial Starfleet, and appears in the novel Lost Stars, set eight years after the Clone Wars, under the command of Grand Moff Tarkin at an Imperial annexation on the planet Jelucan.

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The Empire Strikes Back and, return of the Jedi.