Italy, food token,.
Flieger-horst ansbach / pfand 10 PFG., hexagonal, zinc 22mm, M358.1 XF-AU 135.1910-20?) cdonald napoleon montreal (all incuse) / blank, steel, white paint in letters,.5mm, dents, bits of rust,.Germany, bautzen POW camp, 10 pfennig ND, zinc, 23mm, C4321a spots,.Germany, wertheim, 5 pfennig, ND zinc, 19mm, U2-3.Japan, US military, yokosuk club / crossed anchors, nickel plated brass, 18mm, C-JP6190b.France, herault, 10 centimes 1921 syndicat DE L'alimentation EN gros DE L'herault / aluminum, 23mm,.2 Unc.Mexico, durango, spielautomaten tricks 24 erfahrungen token, ND (1885-95 written on holder.Pfening, brass, 28mm, by Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer, cor,.Italy, transit token, 1920 wheel, tramvie DEL commune DI milano / crowned arms olive branch, vale PER UNA corsariffa normale, top of crown points to indent on edge, octalobe, center hole, brass.5mm, A520C lacquer, cleaned.
Germany, heidelberg, 50 pfennig ND arms, stadtgemeinde.
Germany, jeton, early 19th., Austrian arms / spiel marke in wreath, brass, 19mm,.99g,.
Germany, aibling, 5 pfennig ND, zinc, 18mm, U2-4 corroded,.
France, herault, 25 centimes 1917 farm woman, chambres DE commerce / beaded rim, zinc, 28mm,.6 spots,.
Germany, NÜrnberg POW camp, 1 pfennig ND, zinc, 16mm, U3-1 spots, lacquer,.1800-10, bust R, georgivs III DEI gratia / spade shield, IN memory OF THE good OLD days, 1788, oblique reeding, brass, 25mm, hole, hard green, spots,.Hernandez CO / amor EN EL sueno - LA flor DE guayaquil, brass, 23mm, see Rulau.George dragon, 1911, reeded edge, brass, 22mm, cleaned.1910-20) werth-marke 30, c/m E Z / 30, brass, 24mm, some reddish toning,.Great britain, somerset, bristol, halfpenny, 1811 arms, virtute ET industria / B B copper., halfpenny payable AT bristol, swansea london, copper, D81 flaws, old cleaning, F-VF.ZUM andenken AN DIE siegreichen kampfe feldenmÜthig gefallenen Österr: krieger, plain edge, bronze, 70mm, 118.2g, small area of uneven toning, prooflike AU-Unc.Japan, US military, yafb officers club / 25, brass, 24mm, Yokosuka Air Force Base, C-JP6240h dark.Japan, US military, second ESB / 5, brass, 21mm, C-JP5690a spots,.Korea, south, US military, A-frame structure, 5 / walker hill seoul korea 5, tin plated brass, 21mm, C-KR3140f.Canada, ration token, ND (1939-45 canada meat viande ration / same, center hole, blue cardboard, 22mm,.00 903 1 canada, US military, ND (1940s) sergeants club newfoundland base command / good FOR 5 IN trade, brass, 21mm, C-CN30b, Y-CTo66 die brek obv., few small.

Germany, ohligs, iron, 19mm, U2-5 scratches, Unc.